Make a lasting impression and serve your employees and clients a gourmet coffee that is brewed in seconds. Here at ThirstFirst, your favorite hot beverage is only steps away from your desk. 

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Always personalized

Personalized service is what sets us apart from others. We promise:  
  • Local and organic coffee
  • Personalized coffee services for your office or workplace.
  • A wide selection of gourmet coffee beans and supplies.
  • Stylish and practical coffee equipment, water coolers, and vending machines.
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Building community 

Creating partnerships and building community has always been our goal from the very start. By partnering with local coffee roasters, we make sure your office coffee is as a good as your favorite coffee shop. With us, you can enjoy a selection of roasts from one of our many local roasters to make that perfect cup of coffee, enjoy our filtered water service, or treat yourself to a snack from one of our vending machines. 

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Give your workplace the feel of a coffee house and call us today. With ThirstFirst, your satisfaction is always our first priority and we'll give you the time and attention you deserve. You can reach us by phone or ask questions online here. 
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Call today! 604-590-3384

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